Material study [update - with animated short]

I’ve been having fun practicing materials today. It’s kinda silly to post on the same list as LohnC, with his heavenly models animated like I haven’t seen before. But hell I’m having fun too :slight_smile:

I tried using translucency for the marble, but didn’t come up with anything remotely similar to what a marble look like. Perhaps I’d need to completely change the lighting. Now that I look at it I definitely could use some backlight.

Displacement maps rock! I’d never bother modelling the detail on the pillow. Now if only I will manage to use the same technique for some cracks on the marble…

The glass is a joke right now, with an extra laugh for the caustics cast on the pillow using a lamp :wink:

Here’s the lights updated a bit and a test with wide angle lens.

I think I like wideangle a little more for this.

Wow. Amazing. I don’t really like the glass ball. Doesn’t look realistic. Maybe if you add a reflection from an emitting plane it would look more realistic. But I am amazed by the pillow you made. Great model and fantastic texture. I tried once to create a pillow, but it’s not that simple to model. Overall very nice render. Improve a little on the reflection of the glass ball. Looks strange right now. Great lighting! :slight_smile:

Here’s how it would look with the window trick. I can’t quite figure out a nice reflection. Glass is tough.

nice… :smiley:

But IMHO the glass ball needs some more overall reflectivity. It should also reflect the pillow a little. Don’t you think?

I think the marble looks very nice. The glass is very pretty especialy in the last pic. The pillow is a bit solid looking.

Would you guys reccomend grabbing the blender textures CD and investigating how materials are set up there, or did experimenting alone work for you?

I feel like it takes about a million renders to iterate to knowing how to do paper, silk, glass , plastic, metal etc.

I nuked some lights and did a small 360 degree rotation animation. It looks pretty fab I’d say. The glow has been added in the sequencer.
(2.6MB DivX animation)

I made the animation for PAL output, so that’s why it’s interlaced.

update the above now points to a small sequence of the ball falling into the pillow and then crossing to the turn. I like the blender sequencer.

The pillow was deformed using relative vertex keys. I bumped into a problem though. I forgot to make the mesh in the animation scene single user, so I made it animated in the still scene as well. I could figure out how to make it not deform other than duplicating it in the edit mode and deleting the original. Deleting just the key doesn’t seem to have changed anything. Any tips?

Nice but you actually have the window there imo. Perhaps that would ruin it though… Great work overall. The pillow is very convincing as is the marble pedastal. Excellent composition. Its got a very classical taste to it.