Material study: water (ocean surface, to be exact)

I think it is pretty good myself, takes forever to render, though. It’s only 800x500 and 5xAA :frowning: .

Stay tuned, the render will probably finish in 10 min.

Here is a teaser: :stuck_out_tongue:

So far it looks like a nice inch of water.

…And the finished image!

Takes way too long if AA is enabled, therefore I rendered it w/o AA. C&C, please, I am trying to make this look as realistic as possible.

If any one want the .blend file, just ask and I’ll post it :wink:


I’ve got three questions:

1: Is that material progressive or an image map?

2:Is the object dynamic or just a flat mesh?

3:That world perplexes me. How’d you do it?

And, yes, I’d like a copy of that blend file. i’ve gotta play with that file.


Looks pretty darn nice, I’d like a copy of that .blend file too.
I like how the horizon blends in with the clouds! LoL I WANNA KNOW THAT! can’t figure it :-?

  1. The ocean is completely done using procedure textures. 2 layers of musgrave noises act as normal maps/displace maps.

  2. The ocean is subdivided and has a higher tesselation factor near the center for better detail. 3 wave animation is added to the mesh.
    The boat is a sub-surfaced mesh.

  3. The sky box is a texture I got from somewhere… :expressionless: Don’t remember where, though. Anyway, full credit to the person who made that sky texture.

I see that now.


Can’t wait to see the file.

Inverse quadratic progression mist with a “height factor” of 100. Sky color is a white–>black gradient. You’ll see when you get the .blend file. :wink:

Finally, it took me a painfully long time to compress the file to someting less than 1mb (you’ll understand why if you too have a 56k). I had to convert the tga textures to jpg to save space.

Here it is:

Hello? Any C&Cs?

Your renders look good. The water may be a bit too shiny though for even a mildly rough sea. Unless you’re dealing with “glassy seas” The only way you are going to get that type of mirror reflection is if the sun is somewhere in front of you. If your light source is behind you then you will get almost no mirror effect. I’ve got tens-of-thousands of great refrence photos if you’re interested. I can’t post them right now but I’d be happy to email you a couple of examples.

I have a quick question… I am getting clipping when trying to view the entire scene - Is there a way to increase the value of my clipping (viewing volume) so I can zoom out and view the entire scene?

Cheers and thanks for the blend!

unfortunately no, the clip-end setting for the 3D window is already at max: 1000. You can try to resize the entire scene, but remember to change the mist setting and lamp intensity accordingly.

Played around with the .blend for a while. I’m getting a strange artifact in the sky when I enable OSA at any level (5-16). It looks like the sky texture makes solid lines along the borders of two images. Besides that the render times didn’t seem too bad. About 15 seconds if I just hit render from the original blend. I can get an OSA of 8 in about 3 minutes. Unfortunately I can’t get it to finish rendering if I set it to 100% or even 75% with osa enabled. Seems like it doesn’t want to render the sails at those settings even when I tried turning off the translucency of the sails.

Water looks very good. As does the horizon. But I’m curious why you didn’t model the entire boat out of a mesh rather than nurbs?

Other thing that gave a better look was taking off the ray traced shadows from your main lamp. I think that might even work better as an area light since the scene is rather dark to begin with.

Keep working on it though. I think you might be able to find a few ways to get the scene down in render times if you decimate the water mesh at further ranges. As well try turning your camera range down. 1000 seems to be more than enough and give it a clip start of at least 0.10

Sorry that’s all I can think of for now.

The artifact around the sky texture is due to poor UV mapping skill :expressionless: . It it’s easy to fix but takes some time.

I know the shadow looks ugly, maybe I’ll try to somehow enhance the overall lighting a bit.

Thanks for the tip about camera clipping, I didn’t realize that can increase the rendering time.

Thanks for posting the blend. It’s amazing what procedurals can do… I gotta work with them more often then trying to come up something with photoshop.


It’s difficult to crit with the OSA off. The sails are wrong for those conditions and with a gib like you have there’s no slot. Set the way she is she’d be heeling quite heavily in any kind of wind. I also don’t see any spars or spreaders.

Do all your renders-in-progress have those psychodelic colors ? Mine only do that for a split second and only if I’ve cancelled the previous render.


Do all your renders-in-progress have those psychodelic colors ? Mine only do that for a split second and only if I’ve cancelled the previous render.

I think the psychedelic color represents a back buffer, possibly the Z-buffer. If you check the RGB color with the pointer, you’ll notice that no two triangle have the same color.

Ragarding the boat, yes I know the boat is all wrong in terms of design, but I don’t know much about sailing boat not to mention I modelled it in less than half an hour.