Material study: water (ocean surface, to be exact)

Actually it just occured to me that the crazy color might be a bug that is only found on some systems. To see the colored triangles, left-click on the image while it is still rendering.

I use colors to see the shape of my rendering image (for displacementmaps), or how the scene looks before it’s rendered. It’s a helpful thing. Darker colors represent shadows, lighter colors are lighter spots (duh… lol). To see the colors I just minimize the window with the image, then maximize again and the colors will be there.


Guess I should have posted this up for you to take a look at. Changes I made in this render from your .blend were the following:

Disabled ray traced shadows on the main lamp.
Reduced the reflection on the water from 0.90 to 0.80
Took off translucency in the sails
Set the camera clip to 0.10 - 1000.00
And as the link sugests it’s with OSA 8 (50% size)

The seam in the sky image only shows up when I turn on OSA. I haven’t tried offsetting it though. But not sure about doing anything else with it as it is your work after all :slight_smile:
If you need someone to render it for you let me know I can always let my machine give it a go. It’s not the absolute fastest out there, but it will spank a p4 3.0ghz system badly.


super cool work. just downloaded the blend.

thanks for sharing.

  • Satish.

I’ve tried to make such material for ages! :slight_smile: I like it!

I am still palying around with the materials and lighting, hoping to achieve a more realistic result as well as decrease rendering time.

The render time is now shortened by up to 400%, but generally a 2x increase in speed can be observed! Okay so I have to admit my original ocean mesh was way too big and detailed, I just chopped off the edge of the plane and lo and behold :smiley:

I also have a question: anyone know how to make realistic looking white caps around the ship?

Just like that.

A texture like this switched to grayscale should work well…

You might even have better luck witht the OSA and possibly AO if you scale it down some (all the calculations will be smaller).


very nice looking. A little shiny, but you are getting very close.

This water and sky are phenomenal! Yes, it’s a bit shiny, but whoa!!! I’d live w/ that.



I wonder… would it work well in animation? It would be nice if it would.


Sure why not? I actually had all the texture offset (z) and wave effect setted up. But the waves look really weired in animations, I still have to play around with the wave settings abit.

After some update, here is V1.1 of my Ocean blend:

[!] URL doesn’t work [!]

Any one has a suggestion for a better FREE host? I need at least 10mb and there must be a large single file size limit, like 3mb.

[Edit]: BTW, here is “what’s new” in V1.1:
Optimized for up to 4x faster rendering speed
Better looking water
White foam around the boat
Enhanced lighting


Sorry don’t know what to tell you. I use the one that comes bundled with my Internet package. It gives me 10 megs of space and as far as I know there isn’t a bandwidth limit… guess they aren’t too worried about how much I’ll use my 10megs lol