Material studys

procedural ceramics

here the material setup from the first render


nice work !!!

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Well done! :+1:

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thank you guys

a new ceramic render with copper


We want the node material description !!! :slight_smile:


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Very nice - and not too complex! I was surprised to see that there was no Diffuse or Principled shader!

thanks.yep, keep it simple as possible,is the way to go.and it renders faster too.

the principled shader is mostly usefull for a PBR texture setup.

Metallic paint with procedural flake variations.Rendered with Eevee ,9sek with NVidia 970GTX

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Looks gorgeous! It is also very nice you show your node setup. Are all of these Eevee renders or just the last Image you showed?

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Thanks,IIRC the last one is the only Eevee render.I think, the Materials before should working in Eevee too,since then Eevee has become some fixes, like better shadows ect.

Inspired by some works from Jama Jurabaev on Artstation,i made this ceramic material.


Fantastic. Thanks for posting the materials nodes setup.

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a hopefully improved version,with my custom fresnel falloff shader grp,to get this smooth vray reflections and porcelain look.

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Those materials look absolutely amazing! May I ask where you got the models?

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thanks,sure here we go


do you have the nodes set up for the ceramic

looking nice and interesting

happy cl

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Another clay shader.With 3dscan of Goethe sculpt.

Book of dead shader

version 2

and another clay version

The Material nodes of the last clay version.I have loaded a Fingerprint and a “book of dead” tex as main textures,distorted the vectors and mixed them together.Finally a vector distorted procedural tex added on top.with AO shader and colorramp for more depth look,and litte SSS,with radius of (1,1,1)

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