Material/Texture experiment.

Well. I’ve been refining my car rim modeling… I almost have it down to the point of writing a tut for it if anyone is interested. Drop me a line to let me know.

Anyway, now I’m working on convincing material settings for the rim. Here’s my latest effort. C & C PLEASE!!! - Free Image Hosting

Many thanks to everyone who ever made me think “…heck, >I< could do THAT!”

Eric “GuitarEC”

It might be easier to determine if it’s realistic by putting in an environment. It looks shiny by the way it reflects the sky, but even reflecting a simple cube would be helpful.

One comment on the modeling is that the spokes look kind of strange where they recede back into the wheel. Is there a problem with Subsurfing?

No, I used the Bf-Blender 072204 with edge creasing to make the top outer edges of the spokes have a sharper corner.

I see what you mean about having an environment. I will see what I can cook up in the next day or two and post it.

Thanks for the feedback,

Eric “GuitarEC”

Looking good, as Ripsting mentioned an enviroment or reflection would help.

What settings are you using for your material?