Material/Texture Help

Well, once again, I’m trying to do something and couldn’t find a tutorial for it.

Alrighty, I’ve got a model that I want to texture and what I’m wondering is this: Is there any way to get blender to un-wrap the model, so to speak, so I can save it as a picture, paint on it, then use that as a texture?

I’m sorry if that doesn’t make too much sense, but I think ya’ll will understand what I mean.


You’ll want to investigate the new LSCM unwrap method. I believe that documentation can be found around here.

Ok, so I think I understand the LSCM unwrap thing, thanks. I’m just gonna give up on the project I was going to use it for though, I’m not good enough to use it effectively and can tell, just by looking at it, that I won’t ever figure out how to do what I want.

Just in the hopes of salvaging my project, anyone got a better suggestion for how to use an image texture on half a sphere that has to be applied very specifically?

I can’t think of a better method. If you cut seams and then unwrap with LSCM, you can use the export script which is built in which gives you a nice tga to paint on.

Do you know how to cut seams? Without those, LSCM can give you pretty funky results. With good seams, it’s the revelation.

Yeah, I figured out how to cut the seams. The main problem is that I need to get some very exact details on the thing and I’m not sure how easy it would be with this method.