Material Textures Layers to UV map

Hi every one.

here is what i am looking to do, Material textures to be mixed together to make a whole new texture, within Blender.

In other words take the individual Material(Ma) Textures(Te) layers and combine them to make an image for a UV map for export.

Is this possible? If not could some one make a plug-in that does it.

Thanks for any help possible.

GammaRayQ21 Creations = GRQ21

I don’t know why you would want to do this? Just add a plane and apply your materials to it, render it face on and save the image. Why would you need a script?

I want to be able to export it to Gimp and so becuase it is a cone.

Also a portion of the cone has a texture that blends with another on the other side

jms made a script that’s called “Procedural to uv texture baker script”:

Never tried it though…

In the Script window of Blender: Scripts > UV > Texture Baker

This python script should be helpful in your case, if I have correctly understood what you need.

Hope this helps,