Material transparent in edit mode? 2.60a

Does anyone experience the same problem? When a mesh or object is imported into 2.60a some of the materials in edit mode are transparent. There are no modifiers on the object.

I’m trying to figure out the fix to this but nothing is working out.

Can you upload a .blend so someone can see what is wrong ?

I uploaded the blend to a server.

I made another mesh. The same problem is occuring in another model. The model was made in 2.60a so I do not see why there should be a problem. The only thing I can think of is Blender can show the materials correctly for high vertices or close proximity verticies so the materials dont show. Its making the editing process harder. It could be a hardware limitation but I doubt that.

Could someone check if they have the same problem.

The blend is at,

Any help will be appreciated.

I exported a model from Make Human and was playing around with it when I saw invisible faces- only in edit mode ! It looks normal in object mode and in a render… strange. So I flipped the normals and recalculated the normals to no avail. Then I looked over at the materials and there was an invisible material ! ( why this shows up in edit mode ONLY and not in object mode OR in the render is beyond me )
Anyways I changed the material and… it’s fixed.
Folder says 2.61beta_win32 but splash screen says 2.60.5 r42137

I scanned the mesh materials again and I didn’t see any invisible materials. I even tried the model of another ship which had no imports which had the same problem and that one don’t have invisible materials. I’ll update the materials of the first model .blend with this problem so maybe someone can see.