Material Utilities for Blender 2.8

Hi T.

I’m glad that your enjoying the add-on, and I understand your frustration with this issue.

I’ve had this issue myself, and sadly I don’t really know how to fix it!
Whether it shows the top or the bottom of a long menu is up to the internal UI code in Blender (and, after looking for a solution, it seems that there’s no way to set it to always show the top), it depends on where your cursor is (top half of the window: It shows the top of the menu, bottom half of the window: It shows the bottom of the menu).

(If anybody knows if this behavior can be changed, please tell me)

A quick fix would be to add the “Search” option to the quick menu. (Perhaps not the most user friendly way though…)
I, personally, just hit the [Home] key to get to the top.

Only way i can think of to counter this in the add-on, is to add “Pages”, so after say 50 materials, there’s a new “page”/“sub menu” at the bottom with 50 more, etc, etc.
Personally I think that that would be more cumbersome than how it is now. (I also don’t know how feasible that is to implement).

Any suggestions are welcome!


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Hey Chris,
thank your for your input, and nevermind I somewhat got used to upper/lower screen workflow. Adding search button to quick favourites is a good idea and I think I might go with it!

Thx T.

Have you thought about doing larger thumbnails / adding that option as well? More like other kitbash addons provide, like a Grid View? Instead of a text list, or maybe have both via Preferences?

Although, I’m not sure if you can access the thumbs via Python or not, or if have to generate yourself… which would not be ideal I know/could be slow… :thinking:

So, after some (crappy) sleep etc, I had an idea (which should’ve been obvious to me from the start… I blame it that it was late last night [and now as well…]):

Add the ‘Search’ option to the bottom of the menus as well! :smiley:

So, in the latest version, on GitHub (2.4.1) it will now add the ‘Search’ (as well as ‘Add new…’) to the bottom of the menus, if there are more materials than a set amount (50 by default, but you can change it in the preferences).

Hope this helps!


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I have thought about it.
In theory it should be doable (as you noted: other add-ons have similar lists), I just need to figure out how to do it (get a grid of larger thumbnails) and how to best implement it.

The thumbnails themselves shouldn’t be that much of a trouble. The material previews are accessible from Python (and are actually used as the, small, icons in the menus now), so we should be able to use that (Blender is just slow at updating them sometimes…)

I’m not making any promises on if and when, but I will look into it!


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Hey Chris,
cool idea! May I ask where in preferences can I change default number?

Are there plans to also port ability of converting shaders, materials etc. from Blender Internal to Cycles?

No, simply because it’s not possible in 2.8+.

The earlier variant of this add-on (for 2.79 and earlier) had that functionallity, but since the API change (that prompted this “port” of the add-on), and removal of Blender Render, in 2.80 there is no longer access to that material data through the API.

Any conversion from Blender Render materials to Cycles has to be made in 2.79 (or earlier).


Hi @ChrisH_Swe

I was wondering, would it be possible for the addon to store material replacements in a file? That way, users could both save overrides for materials and load these as presets (as opposed to the earlier proposals of material replacements through lists). I will be working on a project in which I need to batch replace my materials from imported files modeled in another software. If the addon would be able to store that material_A (let’s say Bricks_066_2k) is replaced with Material_B (Stone_Marble_4k) from a certain directory that would be huge. Any new imports would then no longer require one to manually replace the materials.

I’m wondering, why blender 2.93 still uses outdated version (2.2 beta)?
If on github it’s 2.4.1 stable.

Also request:
add pls option “Remove unused slots” somewhere near with “Clean Slots” (on top or bottom) to Shift+Q menu.