Material Utils problem

Hi, I was trying to use the material utils addon and it made a mess of the materials in my scene (good thing I had just begun). I’m using blender 2.56.3 and 2.56.5 on mac, did anyone experience problems with material utils? Basically I’m getting materials duplicated each time I try to add a material to an object, so the list of materials in the Q->pop up menu gets huge.
Blend attached.

assign material bug.blend (632 KB)

I wrote that add-on and it is indeed misbehaving due to Api changes.

It still works, but quickly becomes a mess with all the extra materials.

I haven’t found the problem yet but am investigating…i’m also fixing the issue with text and curve objects…

That’s great, that add on is really useful :smiley:

Found the problem!

will update it soon!

Ok, all fixed and updated in trunk!

I alos added the ability to use this on non mesh objects (metaballs, curves, text etc) and the “select by material” option now only offers a list of used materials rather than all the materials in the scene.

extra thanks for the effort :slight_smile: