Material Weirdness: what's going on here?

Can someone tell me what is causing this anomaly (right edge of flag)? Just a simple texture map on a flat plane that is being animated via wind force field.

(First time trying to upload an image. Let’s see if it works!)

This looks like the backside of the flag, can you please show your material and the flag from the orher side.

The other side does the same whenever the flag overlaps itself. I’m wondering if there’s something I need to do to make it 2-sided.

Flag Backface

Do you need it to be physically 2-sided? I would just use single sided geometry and use geometry/backfacing node to do two textures or shaders. For a cloth rim I would use a different material, possibly using a solidify only on those faces just to make the rim appear to have thickness.
Just checked, the solidify trick don’t work in this case.

No I don’t need it to be 2-sided. I just need it to not produce this weird checkerboard transparency when the mesh overlaps itself. It’s not a biggie, since it’s just a test, but it would be nice to know what’s up if I ever encounter it again.

Could you share the blend file please so we can have alook at it

You want the mesh to overlap (intersect)? I thought you meant is as a side effect for using solidify modifier or something. Or just fold over without intersection? Yeah, would be nice if you could share the file with packed texture.

Is your texture a png? Looks like a transparency issue to me…

I figured it out. I just had to turn off Show Backface in the Material Properties Settings. Sheesh.

Thanks for your help guys! I will try to have less knuckleheaded questions in the future.