Material with on off glow effect?

My question is about a material that has specific points or area that can glow on and off…

Better with an example:

  • A normal dinosaur with textures and materials.
  • You want to have for example the neck glow blue but with the possibility to regulate it.

How do i create the map which tells blender which parts should glow and which not and in what color should it be?
How would the basic material setup look like?

Hope somebody understand it and can help me.

The map would just be a black and white alpha map that you paint on your model which you use as a factor for mixing the base material and an emission shader using a mix shader node. You control the color by changing the color of the emission shader. If you want multiple colors you can paint on your model using the colors you want (on a black canvas), then you convert the back color to transparency. That way you have an alpha channel, which controls which parts are emissive and a color map which controls the color of the emission shader. If you want the color to be defined within the node tree rather than an image, you can do up to 4 colors using the rgba channels of an image as factors.

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