material with reflections then texture gets darker

on a textured object I want reflections and therefore add a material. All is fine but the textured object gets darker. Why and how can I avoid this darkening? I simply want spec reflections while keeping the same colors as on the textures.
Many thanks

I have the same problem.
I’m UVmapping and object, and it get’s dark. I tried everything, But it only shows the UV map in the object when i add lamps everywhere. It’s isn’t a way to show the material independent of lighting so you can see what you are texturing?.

Michael: I’m not sure I’ve understood your questions correctly but I’ll give it a shot. When you add reflections to a material it will reflect its surroundings when rendered. So if you are using a black environment texture the object will appear darker. Try changing your environment texture to somehing bright.

Alfax: Are you talking about the render result or the 3d-view appearence?

If you mean spec. reflections as in highlights you don’t need raymirror at all. If you need it there’s a button called mir. in the color panels where you can set the color of the reflection.

You can also do an environment map texture