Material Wizard - High Level Material Node Editor and Baker


to all interested in this Addon, I have an offer to you!

Still waiting Material Wizard is available at BlenderMarket, I’ve build a new WebPage where you can buy it using PayPal as well. Though I’ve tested the paying process as good as possible, there’s still a bit fear something may go wrong, especially when payment comes from a different country. So I’m in search for brave persons that act as first buyers.

As a reward to helping me in this stage, the first three persons contacting me will get a 50% discount code. You’ll have my full attention during the payment process and get full refund in case something goes wrong.

Please give me a PN if you are interested. I will give you all details there.

Many thanks

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Will this be on gum road as well?

I have to check this out, I havn’t selled anything before.

But if it takes the same time between registration and release, you may have to wait around one week. This is not something negative against BlenderMarket, these guys do their job very well, but this needs time …

Anyway, my website seems to work, so you I can give a link to anything. Please check out … any feedback is very welcome.

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Just purchased and started using your addon. Very impressed!.
Will get back with some feedback soon but am loving it so far :slight_smile:

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Thank you, nice to know it works. First release is always the most critical stage, independent how good a software is tested, on other users systems are sometimes unexpected problems.

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The payment process, on your website, was really as easy as with Blendermarket and Gumroad. No problems at all. Finally a simplified interface for the daily texture tasks in blender without Cycles noodle salad :laughing:. Thank you very much for that addon. :+1:


Just purchased your addon, thanks for your work. And there is feature request already: is it possible to make it compatible with ExtremePBR’s library naming scheme? It is as follows:

ls Metal/2K_Metal05/                                                                                                                                                      
Metal05_diffuse_xtm.jpg  Metal05_displace_xtm.jpg  Metal05_metal_xtm.jpg  Metal05_normal_xtm.jpg  Metal05_roughness_xtm.jpg

Thakns in advance!

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Hello @gnahum,

many thanks to support me!

It will be part of the next release. If you didn’t like to wait and know how to change a single line in the Addon, here is how to do this:

Edit, line 19 … change it from

valid_suffixes = “_1k|_2k|_4k|_8k”


valid_suffixes = “_1k|_2k|_4k|_8k|_xtm”

than it should work. But you will get a lot of directories in the folder selection box, as XTM packs every single PBR set in a single directory. I will think about a more suitable way to handle this case, which is a little more work for me, but I have some ideas how to do this :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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Hello @Kickflipkid687,

Material Wizard is now available at Gumroad:

If you consider to buy it there, my thanks in advance! Please give me a hint if everything goes right, many thanks.

kind regards,

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awesome, thank you!

Thank you for quick answer. Yes, it works, and yes, directory listing is really unmanageable. It will do for now, but i hope you will find some elegant solution for this.

Hi, hob-B1T.

I have a question, I think we currently load and display existing textures, but will we be able to preview procedural textures in the future?

I think it would be better if we could do something like the “2D preview of procedural textures inside nodes” discussed here.

Hi @anminmakura,

I will look into this. If the API offers such things, than chances are good to add such a feature. Currently the API is very limited in previews, even painted textures do not update as I wished.

I’ve added a first tutorial video! Please note this is my first tutorial video at all, so don’t judge me too hard :wink:

Any comments and suggestions are very welcome


Well done. Now I understand Materal Wizard a lot better. Hats off for the first tutorial.

Thanks for that. So much easier than reading a manual :slight_smile:

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Thank you, this let me feel a bit more relaxed when doing more tutorials :smiley:

I see, the API restrictions are still very strict.
I’m not sure if the preview feature of node wrangler addon is useful for creating procedural texture nodes, but it’s a pain.

I think it’s very inconvenient for me because I can’t see the progress of procedural textures in Blender.
I’m considering purchasing Material Wizard in the future if this problem can be remedied.

Here’s my second tutorial, showing a different way to create materials. In this tutorial, just a single PBR set is used, other parts are made with grunges and masks.

I switch back to development now. Primary goal is baking and reimport to LuxCoreBlend, but I have seen some things that could be optimized or are required :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s really fast. It looks like the power of Material Wizard grows with every tutorial. I really like having all the materials in one window and looking forward to combining this with Luxcore. Thanks for this tool. :+1: