material WONT color the leg on my human model!

ok…here’s the deal: i’ve joined ALL of the objects that i have created for my human, and attempted to apply a matierial to it. It worked, but the matierial didn’t color one of the legs of my human! why is it doing this? and how can i fix this problem?..PLEASE HELP!!

You may need to recalculate the normals. Select everything then Ctrl+Nkey. if this works, it’s because the leg was colored, but on the inside. if it doesn’t work, post a screenshot of the mesh so we can see what might be happening.

Also, if you applied a different material to the leg object before joining it will act as a material index. Check your material to see if there are multiple indexes and in the verts panel go through the vertex groups and choose select to see which groups that particular texture is effecting

Not much point trying to help bboyclike out, when he double posts and then doesn’t read his own thread for the answer :mad: