Material X

“Material X is a open standard for transfert of rich material and look-development content between application and renderers. Originated at Lucasfilm in 2012…”

That would be cool to support in Blender, right ? :slight_smile:

Material X

This whole concept is awesome. However Blender integration could be a little ways off for a couple of very important reasons. Firstly, Blender will need Alembic support. Currently MaterialX has been created with Alembic in mind. While I wouldn’t call this a necessity, I would say that anyone thinking about tackling this development challenge would be crazy to start before Alembic is implemented.

My second reason, is that we should wait and see what applications decide to pick this up. From the looks of it, Autodesk products will be getting this exportable-format included in their products. It would be useful to allow Blender to interface with Maya and Max beyond just geometry exports. Theoretically, if this was implemented underneath Cycles, you could do whatever you wanted in Blender and pass it off to a Maya or Max user.

However, because this would be implemented specifically for Cycles, it doesn’t really make sense to do so until the devs for various render engines such as Vray, Arnold, Maxwell and Octane (also Redshift), implement it as well. Now again, theoretically, you “could” write a converter that converts cycles materials into the same “language/file format” as MaterialX, but that’s an additional challenge on top of everything you’d need to do to get started.

Yeah, let see how to make it since it is new but I think Blender 2.8x open the door for next-generation so cycles, vray, maxwell, etc… can have a common output as rendering cause for photorealistic is similar in different software.

Hope Material X will work as awesome :slight_smile: