Materializer Script (instant materials)

A random material generator for materials with procedural textures. It can generate totally new materials or be used to create variations of existing ones. It’s also a fun way to explore and understand what each material setting does. Check the images below to see what the script can do.

Variations of existing materials:

Works best with Blender CVS but im posting it because 2.42 may be out very soon

go here for the script and more info:

this sounds really neat I will definatly download when 2.42 comes out.

Just downloaded along with your other scripts… to be looked into.


Cool script man … :slight_smile: .

Thanks a lot .

Peace :-).

wow awesome!!!

thaks a lot

This looks absolutely awesome!

Thankyou for sharing it with everyone!

Doesnt seem to work very well for me, its a great script but to see the material I keep having to refresh for the preview to change, and the displacement never seems to change. Tried it on the beta release of 2.42 and it crashed. Which CVS version did you use?

I 've tried with almost every latest build both the ones from bellorum and jms also works fine for me with 2.42 RC1

To deal with the update problem (its a Python Api problem) you should split the button window in 2, having one of them in Material(F5) and the other one in Texture(F6). Then from the script window, press F6 and the script will randomize and update everything in on keystroke :slight_smile:

Let me know if it doen’t work…

A quick tips to use…

Start with a material with 2 or 3 procedurals with cool COLORBAND settings

Dont trust the displacement as it shows in the preview, usually youll have to disable it once you find a material you like

Dont forget to assign fake users to the material you discover or you ll lose them when you save the .blend

btw thanks to all the posts, glad you liked the script :slight_smile:

This is great, especially with your blender libriary script, Is it possible for other people to send their materials to another by copying the files of the libriary script, This could Be Blenders main material base…

Very nice script. Really ideal to quickly tweak a material and get a whole bunch of similar materials.
By the way, I didn’t have any problems when executing with F6. In combination with the render preview it really works great.

Here are 5 minutes of playing around with it:

I noticed some trouble with the material preview redesign in rc1, after a while the update goes slower and slower… need to try in rc2

Glad you people like this :slight_smile:


And yes indeed, it does get progressively slower… apparently this is not your fault though, seems to me it happens when tweaking manually as well. Just the script makes making changes to procedurals really fast. :wink:

You said above:

Do you think for a future version you could query the material in question (or if none is assigned) and have a slider for adding random texture channels and random colorband key colors / positions / alphas before scrambling them? ( Not a feature request, more a "hey wouldn’t it be neat if… " )

There is no access to the colorband from Python :frowning:

Its really a shame because i would love to code a script to rotate hues and teawk the keys like in Metacreations plugins for photoshop for example

Maybe eventually this get added to the api :slight_smile:

Sorry about the massive thread necro (I know it’s bad) but is there still any way to get this script? It looks great and I would like to try it out. But the download link seems to be dead. =/

Anyway, does anyone still have this? / Does it still work?

I could add access to colorband, this script seems to be the first one Iv seen that could use it.

material.colorbandSpec = ([c1, c2, c3, c4, c5], interpolation)

where color is a tuple (location, r,g,b,a) and interpolation a constant.

Looks like a spimmer took over the OP’s site.

I’d like to try it too - maybe Blender isn’t as far from replicating MapZone as I thought.

The materializer script might make a goodbase for a Blender version of Map Zone. Anybody have it?

colorband access for material and textures added to Blenders CVS
tex.colorband = [[r,g,b,a,pos], [r,g,b,a,pos]…]
mat.colorbandDiffuse = …
mat.colorbandSpecular= …

The link for this script doesn’t seem to work - I just get a screen full of cr*ppy advertising!
Anyone got any links that work?