i´ve done a Materialminitutorial for not so experianced blender users
(newbies) with the WINK application.
Sorry its in german, but maybe someone here on the board can help me out
in translating it in english?

Here´s the link:


Bye, Olaf.

Does it really NEED the flash plugins?

Well, do we really need a browser, do we really need blender, do we relly
need an OS…,

If you don´t wanna use it, it´s ok throw it away!

Bye, Olaf.

sorry if i sounded sarcastic, I wasn’t trying to. I’m at school right now, and they have (deliberately) configured these systems without flash. I wanted to read the tutorial but couldn’t. It’s also the 1st blender tutorial I’ve seen with flash. Most of them are static and seem to work fine, so I was just wondering if flash was really essential to this tutorial. I’ll know for sure when I view it from home, tonight.

As I said above the tutorial was made espacially for blender beginners,
with the WINK application you can record your mousemovements and clicks,
so a new blender user can follow the tutorial more easilly, that´s all.
It´s more of a videotutorial, than a HTML one.

Are you a german speaker? I need help :wink: :smiley: . (as you can read above my
english isn´t really good…).

Bye, Olaf.

And if you put it in html google can translate it

Good tutorial. I don’t know any german, and I understood 98% of what you did in the tutorial. The actions are pretty self explanatory (though perhaps not if you’re a beginner). I would help if I knew German :P. Maybe you can plug the text you’ve created into one of the online translators and just through it back into the tut.



Looks nicely done but I don’t know any german, you need an english version. :wink:

Well I got around to seeing it. Well done! :slight_smile: I know most of those tricks, but it’s a very good way to do a tutorial(even though it does use flash). some controls to increase the mouse speed would be nice.
I don’t speak German, but you’re English isn’t that bad. At least not on the forum.

I can speak some German (not fluently), and it’s nice to see some tutorials that are in one language, but can benefit many. Easy to follow, and the only problem I found is that us 1024x768 people can’t see the whole thing (thing, for lack of better words).

hehe its fun to watch and not no whats going on :smiley:

Nice tutorial!
Almost finished translating it…
Will send translation this evening (22:00-23:00 GMT+1)
(used for the words I didn’t know)

OK, thank you very much for that, so the next thing I do is making an english

Bye, Olaf.

nice job - thx

schönes tut olaf - cu @ polis

so long

Superb tutorial but, unfortunately, I dont stay good with german language :wink:

as others have mentioned - awesome tutorial.
I also have no German understanding, but i managed to understand about 70% of what you did, and why you did it. As soon as you make the english version i will be thrilled to bits. I have always been looking for a tutorial similar to this.
Thanks so much.

Also i have just noticed you made that Wheel tutorial too - i have to say that was one of the best tuts to follow _b.
Nice gallery btw- some top work

Great tut! My sugestion is to use a small Blender window and not an full screen one. This way we could see the entire window into our browser window. :smiley:

I folowed the tutorial (the visual part :smiley: ) and the result is:

I dont know why appear the strange oblique “line” over the sphear when I check Raytracing shadow for the area lamp!???

Thanks for all the nice comments so far.
@gudi3d: I´ve scaled my Blenderwindow down, but maybe not enough, the
next one will be better…

@criss: seems to be the ratrayced shadow problem -> in Blender 2.34
there´s a button in the Materialsbuttons to correct it, it´s called “Bias”.
btw. have you relly used a an aerealight? I would suggest to scale the aerea-
light up for softer shadows (in the lamp buttons theres a “size” button).

UglyMike has send me an english translation, thank you UglyMike. I´ll update
the tutorial soon and put it online…

Bye, Olaf.

Thanks, olaf, the strange “line” was the end of area-light square (I don’t understand why don’t appears like a smoth curve).
PS: I dont find the BIAS button. :-?