Materials and textures from cycles render to x3d

I think my problem is rather simple, but I have no idea how to solve it.

I have an object in cycles render with image textures and materials. It is displayed correctly in rendered preview.
But when I export it to x3d and open the file, I can’t see the materials and textures. The object is just grey.
I have to add manually the paths to my textures in the x3d file. And I have no idea how to add node constructs in my file.

Is it a problem in cycles render or in x3d? Maybe x3d can’t handle some nodes from cycles render?

For example:
Do I forget something here?

I had read there should be an attribute node. I’m not sure about this.

If there is no easy solution in blender (it works with blender render, but I want to use cycles render), maybe there is a way how to do it in the x3d file?

I use Blender v2.72.

You need to use blender renderer. The exporter is not designed to use cycles materials

but I want to use cycles render
Bake materials to a texture

Could you clarify this, please? I have the same issue.