Materials and textures in the game engine

I’ve been modeling a person walking in the game engine recently. When I enter the game, half of the person’s face and part of the person’s shirt is invisible. Why is part of the person invisible?

In addition, the materials and textures are simplified in game mode to the extent that it looks two dimesional. I read somewhere that textures and materials do not work in the game mode because the calculations would be too complex. Is that true? Is there any way to have more complex textures/materials in a game?

normals are not good, go in edit mode select all and do ctrl + n
to set normals outside

and see that pack for more complex textures / shaders in real time module

Can you post a pic of what you mean? By that I mean have a pic that compares the “non-simplified” and the “simplified” visuals.

And you may also want to Remove All Doubles on the model.

go to uvface select mode, select the faces which are invisible,goto edit buttons and select twoside button. This should fix

harsha - While two sided faces will work its not a good solution (for most things) as it double the number of faces being drawn.

Invisible faces are as was said, usually a normals problem, best fixed by ctr+n then if neccessary manually flipping any faces that didn’t get flipped the right way with w then flip normal.

As for the simplified visuals I’d guess he might mean there’s no lighting on the model.

Thanks for the replies. I did try ctrl+n and that did solve the problem of invisible faces. I’ll see what I can do as for uploading images of the simlified and non-simplified images. I think the suggestion that this is due to lack of lighting on the model in the game mode might be correct.

Thanks for the download pack of images with complex textures. That at least shows me that it is possible for complex textures to work in game mode.

It looks like it might be necessary to use textures from UV maps to get them to work in game mode. I’ve been able to create a UV map from a model by using LSCM. However, the maps created do not have textures on them and I would like to be able to have Blender create UV maps that have the same textures on them that the model has on it, so that I can select the UV map as a texture on a textureless version of the same model, and have that model look identical to the other one. Is it possible to get Blender to do this?

… So you want to make a texture out of one of Blender’s built-in textures?

I don’t think you can do that. One way may be to enter the Materials window, take a screenshot, paste it into an image program, and use the preview as a texture.

I solved the problem with the model looking two dimensional. When I entered the game mode in textured or shaded draw type mode, I was able to make the model look three dimensional. I guess previously I was only testing it in object draw type mode.

Actually, I figured out a way to do that by clicking on UVs -> Texture Baker in the “UV/Image Editor” window.