Materials and textures not working on imported .obj file?

Hey =)
I have a collection of FBX files with textures in them, and they appear fine in 3DS Max 2012 when I import them. I wanted to add one of them to Blender, so I exported it from 3DS Max as an .OBJ file and imported it to Blender, and it showed up all gray, like it had no materials. But when I look in the materials and textures “section” I see them right there. So why aren’t them showing up on the model?

Plus, is there a better way to import FBX to blender?

Post and example blend here http:// ensure all textures have been packed in the blend (File / External Data)

Here it is:
thanks :slight_smile:

Just turn off the transparency check mark for each one of the materials on Pika


I feel like a complete idiot. thanks!