Materials and UV


So I downloaded the Gamekit to try to learn more about…well, everything, and walking through the steps, one section has you apply a UV map to a plane, then later has you add a material to the same plane in order to link the material to a touch sensor (as a way to have your character jump only when touching the ground).

However, this caused the UV texture to disappear when playing the game and I get the default gray instead. According to the documentation, this appears to be the expected behavior (though I may be misreading it), so I was wondering: what viable options do I have in this case? Is there something funky with GLSL I can do here (my card supports it, but I haven’t found much documentation on using it), or is there some other best practice I should start using? I basically just want to ensure that some texture shows during gameplay on objects that have materials attached to them as well.

Thanks for any help you could provide, and please let me know if I’m not being clear enough–I don’t really have a good grasph of the BGE yet, so my terminology may be shaky.

try to add a “texture-none” slot to the material?!

Check what version of blender the gamekit is for. I’m sure that much of it still applies, but if memory serves me correctly, the downloadable gamekit was intended for 2.25. The recent apricot project has added a large number of features to the BGE.

@J09: That was actually a concern of mine at first, but it’s been pretty close or the same from the limited stuff I’ve done. Perhaps once I get into the more advanced topics, it will diverge significantly, but for the low level that I’m at, I’ve been happy to find the functionality basically the same between the older gamekit and Blender 2.48.

@OTO: Thanks for the tip! I’m at work right now and thus can’t try it out right away, but I’ll give it a shot once I get home.

Ah ha, it worked! Thank ya.