Materials applied to Particle system(Hair) is see-thru aginst Freestyle

hi there,

see the attached image for fast understanding.
i made a set of hair with the Particle system(Hair) and it works alright,
I also need the Freestyle Lines applied to objects.

As shown in the image,
the hair tubes (supposed and appear to be solid)
are somehow by-passed by the Freestyle line (Freestyle is set to draw silhouette only)

I know you can Exclude the cube in a collection however I need the cube to be drawn
with freestyle too- when its not covered by the hair.

Cube is completely behind the hair of course.
ps. don’t mind the customized material for the hair, same problem occur with diffused BSDF on the hair. im using the stable 3.1 cycles

thank you for your time :slightly_smiling_face: