materials applying to all faces?

Hi there everyone! have a question and i could really use some help! I have only started working with blender about a month or two ago. Anyways, i am currently working on modeling a house. i used the floorplan method with extrusions in the z axis to “pull” up the walls. But to my original question, since i used the extrusion method i cannot select individual faces outside of edit mode. I am trying to change the material of the floor face in a certain room of my modelled house but whenever i assign a seemless wood texture it applies to every single face in the house. even when i only have the one face selected. could you help at all? would i have to create all the walls and floors from seperate objects to be able to apply certain materials to specific faces? Or is there a way to apply them individually? any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks and have a wonderful day.

The “My-Material-Spreads-To-The-Whole-Object” happens only when you create the first material. That’s because even if Blender shows you a greyish material, your object has none actually. So, when you create one, that’s the only “real” one and Blender use it everywhere. That makes perfect sense… to me.

Just let it be! In your case, that will be the wall material. Create another one, select the floor faces, click the new material and assign. That’s the way it works. Another room, another floor, another material, and so on…

IIRC, the maximum number of material for an object has been 32768 since 2.5. So, no real need to have several objects… Expect when you feel that it could be handy to hide some parts to speed up the view port or to access to intricate areas, or else to be able to open the doors and windows, and move the paintings on the walls and what-not.

Adding multiple materials to a single object