materials close-up vs panorama


I need a strategy for textures/materials that look good at a close look (an insect world for example) but also look good when I zoom out. How do the pros do it? Do I have to cheat by creating different sequences(with the same scene but with different materials/textures) for close-up and panorama?

I have an example. Let’s talk sand. Is the best way a combination of two materials that are two photos of the same texture but at different resolutions? Or is it better to have a combination of a material with noise for the base soil and some small sand formations using particles?

I’ve loaded two test renders with the same texture for sand. It looks better from far away, and I don’t think that normal map+displacement will help the close-up (there’s not enough resolution) The concept is cartoonish characters in an almost realistic world! But not very realistic !

Oh yeah! It’s cycles!