Materials don't seem to save with the .blend file...

Hey all,

Saving a .blend file with materials wich are not assigned to an object seems to make me loose these materials. The next time I open the .blend file, those specific materials are gone.

This can’t be right no ?


That’s correct. Any unlinked data block (not just materials, but IPOs, etc.) is not saved.

If you want to force Blender to save an unlinked material, hit F5 and click the little ‘F’ button to the right of the material name in the Material panel.

I think you can also change this behavior globally in the Preferences window, but I haven’t checked to be sure…

Hope this helps.


Ofcourse it helps … when one starts from RGB values it’s a hassle to recalculate the values entered in blender …

Nonetheless, the value format used in blender is actually better than using
RGB values …


Concerning the RGB values, I believe there is actually a function of the color picker that allows you to enter RGB values. I haven’t played with it much, but instead of using the sliders, click on the coloured box - a box will appear with several ways of entering values.