Materials for complex objects

Hey everyone!

I am embarking on my first major modeling/texturing project and I’m happy to say that the modeling part went rather well. I have hit a road bump of sorts in the texturing/material phase of this project however. So I’ve decided to ask you guys this question.

When working with complex objects (in my case a helmet that has different parts. Kevlar base, Mechanical parts, glass visor, etc…) do you separate the model into their own individual objects with their own UV maps and materials, or do you leave the object as a hole and manage the entire object as 1 big UV map and multiple materials.

Like I said this is my first major project so any feedback would be great!


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You can easily assign different materials on the same mesh, here’s a test for you to try:

  1. Create a cube
  2. Go to the buttons window, select the material tab and click the “+ new” button (assuming the mesh has no material already), change the color on the “diffuse” panel if you want
  3. In face select, select a face
  4. In the material tab again and right next to the box that has your material there is a “+” button, click it and make a new material
  5. With the selected face, click the button below the material box that says “assign”
  6. Congratulations, you have multiple materials! You have reached a new level in Blender:

Haha that music made me feel awesome. I knew about multiple materials but I’m talking mostly about the UVmaps for the object. It seems like having multiple objects and then parenting them all to the main one would be easiest. Just trying to get other opinions…

It’s not necessary to separate your objects unless it’s beneficial for reasons other than texturing. If your multi-materials include multiple textures as well, you could unwrap the various parts of the mesh based on material by using Unwrap on selected faces. The texture used in the material for any set of faces is mapped to the Unwrap for those faces as long UV is selected in the texture’s mapping options. Whether or not this is the most efficient way depends on your model. In most cases, though, a single UV unwrap is made and the texture work is all done on a single image texture, its size dependent on the amount of detail needed in the texturing.

What render engine? In cycles you can assign different materials without UV unwrapping. Pretty snazzy renders.