Materials from Cycles to Blender for rendering.

Hello my potential saviours.

I’ve made a small character in blender that has a hair particle system. I also added some nodes for coloring etc.

What I want is to render an animation with this character.

My problem is that it would take way to long in Cycles. So when I enter blender render I get problems with the characters hair material (it says). When in render mode, the hair is invisible but still there. When I add another material to the hair/particle system it’s visible but does not look close to what it did before.


This might help you understand what I’m doing wrong. (This shows up in blender render)

Any kind of help is appreciated!


Cycles and Blender Render use different material systems.
Delete the material you have here which is a node materials and create a new material from scratch

Do some proper planning and decide what renderer you need to use and don’t go chopping and changing between them.

I’ve managed to get things working ok by turning on nodes in the Internal renderer, but they do have to be kept separate from those of Cycles. (Cross connecting them may cause problems.) There isn’t much in the way of shader branching with internal, so I just keep them and their output in a frame off to the side of anything Cycles. Both are visible at the same time, so you can cross-examine or copy colors between the two. Makes some things easier if you need to use both render engines for some reason. (Non-node mats and the menu layout for internal is almost completely different.)

Extra work with dual node sets, so I suppose most don’t quite trust it or just stick with one render engine or the other.