materials in game engine work and when create .exe dont work


my problem is:

1 - i do a plane in 3ds max 6, with 6 polygons (a grid with 6 rectangles)
2 - change the material id of 2 poligons
3 - crate a material in the material editor type multi/sub-object, creating textures 1 and 2, with bitmaps differents
4 - export the scene utilizing max2obj from
5 - in the blender, import did create a material with 2 textures,
6 - it and change to mode textured (alt+z)
6 - pressing p, to change mode game engine

its working… its great… textures, all… but…

when create my .exe, the textures in other material id stay white… why???

why in the mode game engine working and when create .exe dont working???

some idea???


I might be wrong on this, I don’t use the game engine much, but I think you need to pack your data (File >> Pack Data).

Yeah, that should be it. Well, I can’t say for sure because I haven’t used 3D MAX.

the path for the textures have to be right, you can pack them in the .exe or use the old paths(pack them is recomended :wink: ). I think thats your problem. i dont use 3ds max 6 for blender so much.

Everything looks fine inside blender but not the exe right?
If that’s right:

Before creating the exe, open the blend file and File -> Pack Data so the sounds and textures are packed with the blend. Then create the exe file.
Just pack the blend temporarily when you want to create the exe, you don’t have to save it after you pack it so you can work on it normally later without worrying about unpacking.

hi again folks…

this is “the problem”… the textures are packeds…

in my test, the grid (rectangle) has 6 poligons… only the middle (material id 2) are white, the others textures are show ok…

are there exist some problem about multiple material or something as this???

i also had this problem (no texture in .exe) i checked the “pack texture button” in uv editor with each textures and the problem was fixed

hi folks again again… :slight_smile:

i am happy… i discover the problem…

the problem is what the mode engine (mode texturezed press P) inside blender work with files .psd

already in the blenderplayer, in the .exe dont work with .psd

i beg to the programmers to see (resolv) please this problem of compatibility… ok???

thanks folks…


Why use psd, when you can use png?

Lol, why use .psd? That a really big file format. When I create texture and check the size of the psd, it’s sometimes like 14 mb, while my png or tga is just 500 kb at 32 bit. I should recommed you to use .tga and when you use alpha .png. Btw there are also some another cool formats that could be integrated. I don’t know the names but sure I can check whici I mean. :smiley:

hi folks…

thanks by recommendations…

but, i like test my scene before build the final version, the layers in the images help me much…