Materials IPO

Hi… I want to create an IPO for a material with an alpha channel. I want the material to become progressively more opaque in each frame (i.e. by changing the vertex color) but I can’t seem to figure out how to get the IPO editor to record the vertex color in each frame. I’ve tried the “Mesh” option after bringing up the Insert Keyframe window, but it does not appear to record the vertex color. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

If you select ‘OBcolor’ in the materials button then you can give it an ipo for the RGBA channels. That controlls the overall alpha of the object. You can use this in conjuntion with a normal alpha map material. (so if you had alpha map leaves on a tree you could use the ipo to fade out the leaves.)

Thanks jplur… but i am still confused. How do I give the object an ipo for the RGBA channels?

edit: nvm got it to work. Thanks.

Hi murch,

go to Materials button <F5>, material panel, Mouse over the color.
Press <i> to insert a key at the current frame. A Menu will pop up to choose what kind of material key you want. Choose RGB for color. Now you can see the RGB-curve in IPO window (Material IPO type).

Select your channel in IPO window (e.g. R in Material IPO type). The selected channel will get a black border around its color indicator. <Shift>+<RMK> into the IPO Window to add a new key.

I hope it helps

how can i control IPO for a texture ofs ?
nevermind i got it