Materials/modeling improving

Hello to all. I would like to ask you how could I improve materials of those 2 projects:
Project A: robot (found googling around)

1 - I would like to give some “dirt” to the robot material
2 - The rig is deforming too much!

Project B: old telephone (taken by several resources, so no reference image)

1 - It really needs to have more “phisically corrected effect” to the glass and to the metals, I actually could improve the glass effect with the render tab options
2 - I need to understand how to cut properly that bar (part 3 of image below), it would be meant to have subsurf and bevel but i have no idea. i tried many times with different tutorials but no solution seems to be suitable

Actually I am using blender 2.79b cause it has no sense to switch to 2.8x until I don’t get familiar with materials and the rest.
Any suggestion is appreciated.
Thanks, cheers

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I’m not sure about your telephone project, but for the robot project I think rust would look really cool on it before the dirt, you can find rust tutorials on youtube if you are unfamiliar with it. You can also make it more glossy to match the concept art.

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