Materials not kept after Boolean in 2.8


In Blender 2.7x you’d keep multiple materials after a Boolean operation, if you made sure the target mesh had material slots with the different materials. But in 2.8 this doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a 2.8 issue?


Hmm, the issue only seems to occur when using BoolTool for Blender 2.8.

There is a known issue with boolean modifier under 2.8, holes must share materials, uvs, vertex colors with cutted object before boolean. Any missing chanel will be killed by the modifier.

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Thanks, @stephen_leger. Right now I can bypass it by going the old Boolean modifier route. It retains materials in the result as long as the object with the Boolean modifiers has material slots with all involved materials. But BoolTool for 2.8 doesn’t work in that regard.

This bug is reported several ways:

I noticed:

  • It happens when there is something plugged in the normal node, and the boolean mesh is not UV-unwrapped.
    Addons affected: KITops, Boxcutter, and other addons that work with boolean.

Workaround: UV-unwrap boolean mesh or apply boolean modifier and UV-unwrap.

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Thanks, @Peetie! :+1:

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