Materials Not Rendered?

Alright, so I pretty much suck as far as texturing … and I was sorta happy about Blender’s built in texture/material thing. I rendered a picture of my game and it had beautiful reflection and material texturing

…but then I noticed, the Game Engine doesn’t like to render material settings.

Am I stuck with having to texture? Or is there a way I can use Blender’s materials?

(additionally, is there any way I could make my games playable on my 360? Plug the controller into the computer … set the controls … make the game … burn an .exe to a cd/DVD?)

~ Mark

blender’s game engine uses a completely different set of material options than regular material. so you can not expect it to just render them in realtime. :smiley:

no, 360 does not run windows binaries, in fact, all games needs to be signed by microsoft for the 360 to run. A hack to port Linux to the 360is in progress, though.

So is it possible to write c# xna to run a blender exe?

>>So is it possible to write c# xna to run a blender exe?

Not sure what you meant by ‘running a blender exe’. what are you trying to achieve with c# xna? and how are you trying to relate that to blender?

Oh, sorry. With the free C# download at, and the tuts you can build xbox games and run them on your machine. I was just wondering if you could use that someway to just exe a blender game on the box…

And now that I say that I realize how stupid a thougt it was, lol. Sorry about that.

Search this forum for uv and textures. We have talked a lot about the specifics here in the last coupld weeks. Also, check out the noob link below.