Materials not showing up in viewport 2.8

I’m having a weird issue with 2.8 that I’m hoping someone can give me some insight into.
Whenever I create any material, it doesn’t show up at all in the viewport when in rendered mode, in either eevee or cycles.

Here is what it looks like in eevee:


and here is what it looks like in cycles:

Worth noting is that I can get the material to show up in cycles when I change the viewport sampling settings and then undo, for some reason, and that the material does show up in the actual render, just never in the viewport.
Any help on this strange issue would be very appreciated.

There is still a simlilar issue as follows:

  • Add a cube without unwrapping it (choose option) and add a boolean modifier
  • Add a second smaller cube and in the boolean modifier you assign this cube.
  • When there is something plugged in the normal socket of the first cube, you will get such a white (looks emissive) color. In Edit mode, no issue. And no issue when UV unwrapping the boolean mesh.

So it’s a different situation, but looks as buggy. Few questions that might help us.

  • Are you using the latest build?

  • Is suzanne UV- unwrapped? Makes any difference?

  • Can you render on GPU?

  • What do you see in Edit mode?

  • What happens when you load factory settings? (after restart Blender, Blender starts up again as before with your addons)

Update: Lol. I just checked. That issue with the normal and boolean is now black instead of white. Both meshes needed to be UV-unwrapped.

i can try to let mesh objects enter to edit mode, then exit edit mode, may you good luck.

  • I am using the latest build, I actually redownloaded the program this morning to see if a fresh install would fix the problem (it didn’t).

  • It doesn’t seem to make any difference whether it is UV-unwrapped or not

  • Rendering on GPU works but doesn’t seem to make any difference either

  • Edit mode is the same story; the material appears the same as it does in object mode

  • Same thing with factory settings: the same issue pops up no matter what :confused:

In case it happens after factory settings, I suppose it’s a bug in Blender and related to hardware, driver or OS. ?
On Windows 10, NVIDIA drivers, GTX 1080 TI, no issue here in Cycles (GPU and CPU) and EEVEE with a default Suzanne and Diffuse shader.