Materials not the same on linked mirror?

Hello, I’ve recently picked up Blender again and decided to practice by creating a little fighter. I’m not sure where this should be posted, but I’m thinking at has to do with materials so… Anyway, I created a linked duplicate then applied the mirror modifier along the x axis (in object mode) so I could view it as a whole, and find that the mirrored side doesn’t seem to be shading correctly while rendered. I have spent a few hours attempting to find an answer for this. All I can find is that while the normals are in the correct direction, the ones on the mirrored side don’t seem to be the same length as the ones on the original object. can see the effect in the render panel on the right. I honestly don’t know if the normals have anything to do with it, or if I mirrored it wrong …or whatever …I’m stumped. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!thanks

why is my post scrunching up like that? …I have tried to fix it three times!

Your linked duplicate is scaled by a negative number, which means its normals are reversed. There’s no way to fix that because you can’t apply object scaling on a multiuser mesh. You would have to make it single user, apply the scale, possibly recalculate normals…

Why on earth are you not just using a mirror modifier?
iguana-change-pilam.blend (403 KB)

Because I couldn’t remember how …lolLast time I used this was about 6-7 years ago and I believe that the linked duplicate was a workaround to a non-existent modifier.Thank you very much, your help was much appreciated …time to do another tutorial :wink: