materials on mirrored objects

Hi Folks,

I’m a newbie going through some of the excellent head modeling tutorials I’ve found
I’m trying to make eyes to go in my model
I make a sphere on the centerline of the model
rotate it to face forward (basically, the north pole facing forward)
apply a “eyeball” material I found on a material repository
render, at this point it looks fine
switch to edit mode
apply a mirror modifier
move the eye off center creating a mirrored copy
render again
the material is still correct on the original but is twisted around incorrectly on the mirrored image
any idea what I’m doing wrong?
I’ve tried every iteration of things I could think of

Thanks for any ideas

Mirroring is not what you want to do. Even if you lined them up, the character would end up going cross-eyed when you make the eyes go sideways.

What’s happening with one being “correct” and the other not, is that you’ve got the geometry offcentre, which happens when you rotate the shape in edit mode. This offset is going to make the mirroring go wonky in terms of orientation.

You’re better off making one eyeball, then either CTRL-D to duplicate it in object mode which is kind of like a copy/paste second copy or even ALT-D for an “instance” (same as ALT-D but if you alter one copy, the change also happens in the other).

I think you might be interested in looking up how to apply an “array” modifier rather than a “mirror”. This will give you two eyes which look the same direction when one is rotated, as opposed to going cross-eyed which happens with the mirror modifier.

Thanks Lancer,

I don’t completely understand your answer but you’ve certainly pointed me in the right direction.
I just don’t completely understand how the different modifiers work
Much more reading and experimenting to do:D

Thanks Again

Okay - some examples… (attached)

The methods I was talking about mainly suited EDIT mode because I was following what I understood in terms of you using modifiers, which are edit functions. In these examples I show you the modifiers, as well as a constraint which is a more practical method.


eyes.blend (53.6 KB)