Materials Rendering at Different Colors


So in my view-port, I have my eyes set to a white material, but when I render, it comes out red (same as the pupils). I’m using the blender internal renderer.

Here is an image of my project with the white of the eyes selected:

and here is an image of what the render looks like:

Render settings are set to default with environment lighting on.

I’m pretty new, so if you need more info to help me, please let me know. Thanks!


Why no blend file supplied with your post ?

Please supply and ensure you have packed all your textures in your blend file before saving

The uploader wasn’t working. Here is a dropbox link:

This is the rig I’m using as well.

Those faces have been assigned the red material. Assign the White material to them

Thanks! I didn’t realize I had to go into edit mode to actually assign the material. Thanks again!