Materials repository

Hi y’all.

How about creating a materials repository website?

I’m thinking something where anyone could download a standard .blend file, change the material of an object in that blend for the one (s)he’s created, and then send it back to the server to share it with the world.

This site could also allow the users to make the quality control, voting on the quality, reporting if it’s not on the right category or if it simply sucks.

This came to my mind after seeing a lot of post asking “how did you make that material?”, and since blender doesn’t come with a materials library, this could become the next great thing for the blender community.

Regards from a guy who’s sad for not being able to use blender as much as he wants.

Sort of like this?

or this for models?
or (models not available yet)

The one at geocities I already knew. Thank you for the second one, there are some cool things there.

The problem with these sites is that they’re static. If you want to post something there you have to mail it to the owner, then he has to work to put it online. My idea is something automatic that works more or less like this forum. To post something you just fill out a form, choose the file, click submit and it’s online.

This way we’d see new stuff every day, and the library could grow a lot faster. Plus there would have to be no admin messing with html files and pics to update the site. In fact this could be as automatic as only prompting the admin when people are considering a material “total crap”, asking if it should be removed.

I think it’s a good idea… but you know what the only problem is… most of those links have some usefull things but it ends very quickly…

It takes time and effort to keep a fully loaded good site…


Have you considered loading things for free on turbosquid

and then posting a link to remind people that the files are there?


BTW the FAQ for becoming a member and posting files is :

in Summary: no cost to become a member or post files.

                 files can be posted and priced for free or for pay
                 so if you have a very complicated model or texture 
                 you <could> charge for it if you were so inclined.

                 any type of file can be posted so .blends are welcome too.