Materials Specials & conversion

Hi, This addon merges Materials Utils & Cycles Materials Convertor & Cycles Image Texture Converter & a few other Materials Tools.

Link to Zip:

Note: You Must run as Administrator in Winfoes to use the convert BI materials to Cycles Images.
Also it only does one Texture per material but multiple material slots.
The Multi Image Support section handles dif/nor/spec in many case for images. It also converts all blender materials to nodes materials for easy switch between renderers.
You can import directly into Cycles & then Convert materials.
Tested: fbx, dae, obj, 3ds


Thank you Meta.

You’re a gift Meta-Androcto :yes:

This is wonderful and will speed development significantly!

Thanks a lot, Meta-Androcto!

I am getting an error when using the addon (Blender 2.77a on OSX). When converting a BI material I get the error message in the image below. The “extract procedural textures” option is on. Any idea what’s going wrong?

The material I’m trying to convert is from this tutorial:

Also, a question: the conversion process seems to be ‘destructive’, replacing the original materials. Is there a way to have the conversion process output a new (Cycles) material instead?




hi, that error occurs on windows if you have no write permissions for the save folder. maybe same issue on mac? could be also you have no blender internal textures? the second set of ui works best with image textures, use the switch back buttons to return to bi with textures intact.

Meta, thanks for the plug-in. I’m using it right now on my project and I am encountering a small problem. The original UV map of obj file changes when I convert it to cycles. For example, in the first image, i just imported the object and that is how the UV looks like. /uploads/default/original/4X/a/e/1/ae16b08ad564e400eec2d2dccebeb69e63b033b8.PNGstc=1
Now when I select the object and hit convert to cycles and check its UV, I am getting the following result. The UV is unwrapped differently.
Can you please tell me if I can change the options anywhere so that the UV map is preserved from the original?



Can you also tell me how to call this converter from script? I tried putting in the command and it seems its not working.

You saved me SO MUCH TIME. Thank you!

Thanks, Meta. Good Job

Thanks for keeping all these useful scripts alive and updated!


I hope we can add this feature to Blender for good. Just does not seem to make any sense to not have it in there.

hi, thanks for feedback, have been trying to solve many issues, all in all it’s working pretty well. :slight_smile:

Now in Blender Release testing builds & nightly builds.

Interesting features:
Set the filepath to save to.
in convert bi to cycles, in advanced check extract procedural textures, this will save your bi texture to an image & ready for cycles & brushes!

some fun, bi cloud texture converted to image with some extra nodes added to the defaults created.

I love you man!!! Thank you!

Would it be possible to remap 001 002 003 textures to their original with this addon?

Texture Renamer operates on all with images attached.
It will replace the name pattern with the name of the image linked to the texture.
In BI it will rename the texture assigned to materials with images (generated or loaded)
In Cycles all the entries in the texture tab - Brushes etc with images attached.

The bottom field is searchable (so you can pick an existing pattern) the top one will update according to it. The top one is the name pattern to be replaced and can be modified manually.
Current limitations:
You need an image in the texture.
If you have multiple different textures with the same image it will have the .001, .002 etc at the end. But still it makes more easily identifiable it’s easier to rename manually my_image_test.001 compared to Texture.012. :slight_smile:

Probably that is something to be addressed in the future. :slight_smile:
If you enable warning messages in the addon properties it will warn about textures that weren’t renamed (no images attached)

Hi, I am relatively new to Blender and have been importing various .obj files others have created to test things out, and I really appreciate this tool! So thank you very much for keeping it updated! However, I’m finding that a lot of materials are not getting properly converted for the Cycles render engine using this tool. I’ve read in a different thread that it might be something with the UV coordinate mappings, and that I may not actually be able to fix this problem on my end. Does anyone know what might be going on or what I can do to get the materials to convert correctly?


@ jpan007
If you use Convert BI materials to Cycles in those cases (should be the top one panel) by default it shouldn’t have automatic UV unwrapping enabled.
That should keep the original UV map.

You can check that under the advanced options drop down menu (Set Auto UV Unwrap) - the box should be ticked off.

This converter will use mix color nodes to connect all the images - if there are multiple maps (like normals etc.) it will need a bit of reconnecting. :slight_smile: However, the nodes use the image names as labels, so it shouldn’t be that difficult.

The latest version is shipped with 2.78.

Thanks so much for the reply, lijenstina! Is the advanced options drop down menu something I should still be able to see with Blender 2.77? I can’t find the ‘Set Auto UV Unwrap’ option anywhere to see if it’s unchecked.

I have a model of the International Space Station that appears to have over 1000 textures. The model was joined so that if you want to change a materials/texture you have to go into edit mode (being 700Mb it takes time). Is there a way I can “break out” these objects from the joined object so that I can tweak these textures more efficiently (per object)?