Materials usage problem [beginner]

Hi everyone, I’m sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn’t find it around the here. I’m not an expert with the Blender, actually started only 2 weeks ago. My main goal is modeling, no animations or anything that complicated.

I’m aiming to make good models for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Now before wandering in that area I wanted to learn and cover all the basics of the software.
I want to be able to create something without asking the obvious questions, that’s why I spent 2 weeks reading and watching tutorials.

Perhaps I’ve missed this one or something?

I want to know this; how do I use downloaded materials that are stored as .blend files?
I’ve downloaded free public pack of materials and extracted those on my HDD, now I have a folder with cca 500 different materials and I don’t know how to use those on my own projects.

Is there a way to import these and apply them to my model?

This is the list of files I have:

Sorry if this wasn’t clear explanation, I’m doing my best not to make any mistakes when writing in English (that’s also something I’ve learned by myself)

Thanks in advance

You append the material from the blend file into you currently open blend file. Then you can select that appended material form the list of materials for your object.

Ah thanks a lot man. I actually tried to do that but I thought I had to import the whole files instead of just the desired one. Thanks for the help.

And I forgot to add the link for those materials if someone wants them - 651 Material for Blender