Materials with multiple textures

Hello everybody.

Recently I needed to create an object with multiple textures, to be precise - regular texture, stencil, and another texture - for a terrain blending.
Everything works fine in Blender, but when I’m exporting it to obj, only one texture (map_Kd is present there (first one on the list).

Is there any way to make it save all of the textures? Or is it neccessary to create my own script for doing so?


Convert the multiple textures to a single combined texture using the Render / Bake panel

Thanks for reply.

As far as I understand, baking creates one texture just like it was rendered in blender.
Just as this is good solution, I need to have multiple repeating small textures and multiple bigger stencil textures, that would decide how theese regular ones will be shown.

Did I understand this correctly? And if yes, can the result that I described be achieved without scripting?

Bake to the size of the largest texture you will be tiling