umm can u delete materials?
cuz appended a bumch of ojbects and know i have a bunch of duplicate materials. so i have to use the data view thing, which i dont like

Save and load last saved… Ctrl-W Ctrl-O




Make sure the mats you don’t want have a 0 in front. Save with Ctrl-W. Open last saved file with Ctrl-O


What fligh % means is that when you are working in blender…and you decide to delete a material by pressing the X key (Wich means delete material ofcourse…) the material enry is not actually taken away out of the list… instead it is still visible but it has a ‘O’ set in front of it…

This means that if you save your work now… the materials with and ‘O’ in front of them will not be shown in the list the next time you open your workfile again… the because I guess they were not linked to any object the last time you saved your work…