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how can I download materials and have those materials as an default option everytime I open Blender. I am having trouble figuring out how to open material files and keep them as an option each time I run Blender.

Is there a way to keep all materials and textures as an option without having to load them everytime you open Blender or start a new Blender project? or do I have to create or load materials and textures each time I run Blender or start a new project?

Not that i know of. You need to append them every time you create a new file.


You could do this by having a couple of .blend files to use to overwrite your default startup .blend. However, I think a better long term sollution would be to download and use the library script. Search the python and plugins forum to find a link to the script.

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Thanks OBI Ron

took a few minutes to figure out how to load to library but I was successful. Where can I get more textures and materials that are compatible with the script?


My understanding is that any material or obj etc in blender is compatable. After all, the script is creating a small .blend file with your material in it. It is (simply put) an inteligent wrapper around the Append functionality.

As for finding materials to download, I would really like to send you some links, but my pc hard drive took a catostrophic dump, and I am out a whole lot of data, links etc. I know that there are some materials that have been created and made available to the public. Search the forums, and you may find a link.

Best of Luck!!

OBI Ron,

One more question… When I tried to load another file other than a .tar file it doesnt load. Does the library allow loading .bmp and other regular files, and If you do not mind stating how do I load .gif and .bmp files?


The library should be able to hold items, Objects, Materials etc that can be used in blender. Images can only exist in the library as textures applied to a material. So if you create a material, apply image textures, then store the material, the image texture will go with the material. bmp and gif images are poor choices for textures in Blender (I’m not sure either is supported). Best formats (in my experience) are tga, png and jpg. If you have alot of bmp and gif images, you should consider converting them. GIMP can do this quite easily, and it is free.