maternal instinct

This one’s called “Maternal Instinct” and is part of a series of “virtual sculptures” I’m creating:


Another nice sculpture Robertt.

The texture seems to be a little sretched in places, but over all, very nicely done.

Maybe, try a different stone texture than the first one too. :wink:


GREAT peace of art! keep it about a grainy stone texture on it for experiment?

WOW!!! Cool! Looks real! Get someone to make it in a rapid prototyping machine, and paint it with metallic stuff! Any specific techniques you used? I love the texture. Abstract 3D is my favourite!

looks good, although isn’t it really more akin to a sketch or drawing becuase it is a 2d picture? hmm… like a sort of proto to a real sculpture. Very good whatever it it anyway :slight_smile:

BgDM: Thank you! I posted a new render with different materials.

Kos: Thanks! I’m experimenting with a lot of homemade textures as I create these sculptures, so I might try grainier ones as well to see what works best.

Prismatic: Thanks. Concerning techniques, I use subsurfed/extruded primatives. I keep rotating the scene to view models from different sides and to shape them, just as you would with a real sculpture. Most of these textures are procedural (i.e. built into Blender) but using several texture channels to vary NOR, specularity, etc.

irgeorge: Thanks. I don’t consider these sketches (they take a while to design, light, create materials/textures for), and they’re obviously not 2D, even though any given final render of a 3D model or photograph of a real object is essentially a 2D representation of that model/object. I’m considering creating a “virtual museum” (as in VRML) featuring sculptures in this series which could then be viewed from different angles. They probably could be prototypes of real sculptures though :slight_smile:

Well, here’s the second render:

More to come :slight_smile:


I guess they are sculptures, I’m looking forward to more in the series :slight_smile:

Oh and I’m guessing (this is only my interpretation) that the large shpe on the left is “protecting” the smaller shape from the green one? very nicely done textures btw :slight_smile:

the green materials really SUCKS!leave it white or silver color.that will keep the mood and depth of the subject.

irgeorge: Thanks, and yes that’s definitely one way to look at it :wink:

kos: I appreciate the honesty. I wasn’t comfortable with the second color set.

Here’s a third render with revised materials

I’ll be posting some more virtual sculptures from this series soon :wink:


Hey there:

The release above is absolutely fantastic. I love the material texture, and of course the forms themselves are very expressive.

(Um, this of course has nothing to do with the fact that I became an uncle today… nothing at all… grin)

Beautiful work!


I really like it, specially the materials of the last image you posted. I would love to see the virtual museum youre planning to make

The revised materials are much better than initial ones.
About use of colour: the sculptures don’t need it, but it could be interesting. Not so agressive as the bright green, and all 3 should have different colours according to their roles.

Mother and child are very good. But the agressor could be more edgy. Currently the agressors side follows the form of the mother very close. Changing that could make the setup look more dramatic (that must not be an improvement, current a bit static look might be preverable).

I understand that you use the same perspective for all sets in this series. But it would be interesting to see if your sculptures work from different angles.

However, it’s very nice to see something different from all the cars, gadgets and heads.
And your sculptures work, title and expression/impact are matching very good. Even without the title I guess everybody would imediately sense “what’s going on”!

thorwil: Thanks for the detailed feedback! I truly appreciate it. I am experimenting with color in a number of the sculptures. Part of me would like the entire virtual exhibit to be monochromatic, while I am seeing the advantages of varying materials in sculpture to sculpture. While the modelling for the sculptures will be done when I post them, the materials may be something (like this sculpture) that I revist and refine. The multiple angle idea is also very appealing to me, which is why I was leaning at first to all VRML, but I may be able to achieve something similar and less demanding on the user/browser by doing side/top/rear static renders. Most of these take a very long time to render due to raytracied reflections and shadows, so I’ll see how that goes.

euronando: Thanks! At first I was envisioning a total VRML-like “virtual museum” kind of thing, but as some of these virtual sculptures get more involved the size and complexity (in terms of mesh data, etc.) of the museum becomes more of a concern. What I may do is something like create a hybrid showcase that uses HTML yet is navigable in VRML. It’s fun to consider. In the meantime I’ve been working on the actual sculptures, which I soon unveil some more of in Finished Projects.

Bischofftep: Thank you, and congratulations on becoming an uncle! :smiley:

Thank you all again for the constructive feedback!