Mathematic capabilities of Blender?

I am new to 3D modeling and Blender but I have a 3D structure in mind that I’d like to build. It is based on an equilateral triangular mobius torus (a triangular torus that has only one face) but it is a bit more complex.

I want be able to sub divide the torus into triangles at periodic distances so that I can rotate them a certain angle relative to their center. This will make the twist in the mobius torus spread evenly across the whole structure. If this seems confusing, search for an “umbilic torus”.

What I’d like to do is eventually make this torus into what appears as three triangular tori that wrap around each other but they all share the same face. The hard part of this is being able to control the twist so that it all appears even as it moves through space.

My question:

Does blender have the ability for me to precisely control the angles and rotations so that the structure appears to be evenly twisted?

you could learn how to script and do whatever you want with python math functions!

but may be should ask if this already exist in python forum !


Thank you for your reply.

So is there no way to do it with in Blender though?

As seen on the wikipedia page of that torus, it has equations. You can enter these equations in blender, and it should create that torus. I dont know, if its that what you want, but if so, just enable the addon for that.

sorry forgot this addon
yes there is an addon to enter parametric equations in X Y Z if you have these!
and it will do for you the surface for this!


Awesome! That’s exactly what I was looking for. My design is more complex than the umbilic torus, but I needed it as a starting point. Thanks so much!