Tec a look to this

This is some think like find exactly point behind object have a rotate I want to use it for cameraman system for game.
New I need to calculate x,y for point A
And I know position of C on xy = 0,0
And half circle = 3
And the angle of rotation = 45
And line C cat the circle exactly in half
From this info I need to calculate x,y for the point A

My friend tell me that “bat not right”

Ax = T*cos(angle)
Ay = T*sin(angle)

So any help :slight_smile: thanks :slight_smile:

Your english is a bit hard to read, but I’ll try to help you.

If A is on the opposite side of C from 0,0 A should just be -C.
Ax = -Cx
Ay = -Cy

A_x = -Rsin(angle)
A_y = -R

be careful with the sin and cosine function:
in python you have to convert from degree to radians:
also you have to use floats, not integers: 180.0 instead of 180 !!

thanks aloot papulizer and thanks sim88
angle = math.radians(angle_in_degree)
Ax = -Rsin(angle) + Cx
Ay = R
cos(angle) + Cy

done…thanks gay