matierial wont color the leg of my human model!

ok…here’s the deal: i’ve joined ALL of the objects that i have created for my human, and attempted to apply a matierial to it. It worked, but the matierial didn’t color one of the legs of my human! why is it doing this? and how can i fix this problem?..PLEASE HELP!!

Post a pic? We can’t help much without one.
Try this, go into edit mode and select all your vertices/mesh, then hit the “W” button and select “Flip Normals” from the little pop-up menu. That might work.
Normals is the information on a face that tells the light which direction it’s going to bounce off of (I think).

YEEEEESSSSS! the flip normals worked! thanks jackblack!

No Problem, that’s why they call me…