Matrix.3.5 video Warner Tricks Guide

My enter stage of “WB” tricks :slight_smile: :
Dont open it as active link. Download file first!

It’ll be continuation … be patient :slight_smile: I want to do it step by step… I know mechanics of all WB’s FX, so let’s see what will happen hehe.


dunno what that means: Przykro nam, strona chwilowo nie działa z powodu przekroczenia godzinnego limitu transferu.

but it surely mean I can’t see the video…because I can’t see it :wink:

I can’t see a movie. When I click the link I go to some russian page or something.

That’s not Russian, it’s Polish. And it seems to mean something along the lines of…

Unpleasantly, part momentally does not act by the reason of hour outreaching of limit of transfer.

I’m guessing he’s out of bandwidth. :smiley:

Daily limit. … I received mail from my friend Kroopson… he runs his own blender forum…i’ll try to drop file at his server.

all i can say is taht was definitaley not $3,000,000.00 I would value what you made as negative value cuz your gonna get sued for copying something and making it worse :slight_smile: JK, its a very good start, I like the music, try installing a font that looks more like the matrix font (i think its probably japanese katakana)

Hehe. Yeah… i want more constructive critics as this one.

go to that link and you can download the matrix code font :smiley:
Will start looking really really cool

That’s it! I neet about 5~6 hours to animate “number corridor ride”.
With originall font it should rock.

Btw. Music…I wonder if there is Cinelerra plugin for *.XM or *.sid file formats.

E-mail the file to me. I can host it permanetely for free, and with unlimited bandwidth!

Mail me at: [email protected]