Matrix blur ?

Hi ,

I want to create a matrix blur behind a bullet , such small circles which distorte the backround

plz help

TheDud3 :stuck_out_tongue:

study the effect- I’m not sure how it looks, but one way to do it is to model a transparant non-reflective refractive path-shape and depending on the effect, animate either shape, size or appearance disspearance (I know, not really an answer, more of a suggestion- its been a while since I looked at that movie)


mmh i cant see the pictures :frowning: , other side with pictures ?

They work for me, did you try refreshing the page?

no cant see it , i’ve tried with a other browser :frowning:

I uploaded it to different webspace, should work now:

ok thx , know i see ,

but where the fuck can I tunr on layers and turn of ?

I searched a lot , i haven#t seen it

at the bottom there is a small section on layers, should be enough to get you through:

ok i’ve some problems with that tut ,

i’ve done all , and i see the warped image in the right window at the top , but i cant render it , one there is a error whitch sais me that there is no campera ,and if i select a other SCE , and then render , i see the bullet and the world but not the bonuts and the warp :frowning:

what i ve done for a misstake ?

Not Blender specific so I don’t know if it would apply to Blender, but in Jeff Lew’s article on the making of his “Killer Bean 2” movie, he talks about how he did that effect with Animation: Master software:

I have once played with a metaball emittor who made a trail of refractive metaballs. I actually didn’t work it out because it became awfully slow as you can imagine. But I still think the result can be quite nice.

mmmh ok now i works all , but i want to create that with a movie , and that doesn’t work. If tried it with my own jpg’s too , but my blender crashes all the time when i want to load the Plugin …

what mistace i’ve done ?