MATRIX helicopter fall MADE IN BLENDER

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So I basicly challenged myself to recreate in Blender 2.82 the epic helicopter’s fall from The Matrix in Blender. Unfortunatly Neo The One arrives late and so didnt manage to save Trinity. This is just the beginning so stay tuned on youtube channel (bio), a lot of VFX works like this and tutorials will follow in this channel, all made in Blender ! First episode of a series of VFX sequences made in blender about blockbuster movies maybe? Let me know your opinion in the comments. I made all this work by myself entirely simulated, animated and rendered in Blender + Cycles.
If you want to support me, buy Embergen to me haha!

Details about the project:

  • 34.500 glass particles being throwed in the air for free.
  • a 350 resolution domain explosion
  • 45 years of rendering.



Hi @Raffomachine!
There seems to be strange hangup when the chopper is swinging in the air between 13-15 sec. It’s doesn’t look natural. How it looked in the movie I can’t remember now. Also in the camera change in 16 sec the explosion speed and camera speed doesn’t look correct. Something is off, maybe speed ratios, but I don’t know for sure.

I’m not a VFX specialist, so I can’t judge the whole project, but you’ve putted a lot of work in it that’s for sure.
I’ve recently baked a lot of trial smoke sims, and resolutions above 400 are very challenging on consumer hardware, but if you can and want to push this project further you could try and bake this sim in 400-450 res. It could give the smoke little bit more fine detail.

Hi, thanks for the opinion.
Increasing simulation resolution is not always necessarily improving the result, sometimes it makes it worst.
Cheers :slight_smile: